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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to create a Social Network

If you're interested in starting your very own Social Network I advise you NOT to use pre-made options such as Ning, KickApps, CrowdVine, GoingOn, etc...

You're social network needs to be unique, and cannot have limitations that 3rd party websites enforce!

If you're interested in saving money skip to the second bullet point and don't bother reading the first.

You have two options if you want to be a successful Social Network.

  1. Pay someone to create a Social Network for you. Expensive! This will cost around $3,000 - $10,000 depending on the depth of the application. If you want to make a mobile application for the Social Network then you're looking at $2,000 - $3,000 per platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry). Overall this approach will cost you a lot of money, but it will save you time. Also outsourcing projects to companies doesn't guarantee that you will get the application that you were looking for. So don't be surprised if you get a less than quality application. You may need to pay an additional developer to finesse the application, which costs around $1000 - $2000. Ends up costing anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 depending on the quality and features that your application demands. Video processing, games, advanced analysis type applications will cost a lot, whereas applications that handle nothing but text posts (twitter), or database transactions will end up costing less.
  2. Program the application yourself and save thousands. Cheap & Smart! PHP & MySQL are not as hard as they may look. This route gives you the ability to also change your application to anything that you want with no strings attached. The most money that you will end up paying is for the hosting of the website. My hosting costs $80 a year, a pretty small investment for the payoffs that they application may yield. I've created a course that shows you step-by-step how to program your very own application. The powerful skills that you will learn in this course will forever be with you. You will be able to make more and more powerful and robust applications in a shorter amount of time without having to pay thousands for someone else to make it. You will also feel very satisfied that it was built entirely by yourself! Make the investment today and yield tremendous benefits! Get the course here:
  3. How to create a Social Network with Glenn Dayton
    How to create a Social Network
I guarantee that you will walk away from my course feeling satisfied with the application that you made. If you have any questions or suggestions about the course please feel free to contact me at:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google reCAPTCHA

I recently stumbled across this Google "fail". I actually think that It was the person scanning the books that made the fail. My hypothesis is that while they were moving from one book to another they accidentally took a picture of the ground/un-focused book.

The reCAPTCHA discovered on April 19, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

What type of search algorithm does Google use for their Hash tables?

Does Google use linear probing, quadratic probing, chaining, or a different algorithm when storing and searching for their data (in BigTable)?

Linear (Very fast with "strings attached")

Since Google has practically unlimited storage, linear probing with minimal collisions is the fastest to store and retrieve the data.
Input with a large hash table, and diverse data will accomplish an order of O(1), likewise when searching for data the order will be O(1).

Chaining (Very Stable)

However, with chain hashing, a Big-O of O(1) is guaranteed. A search of O(n) will always be the case when searching for the data in the "chain".

Quadratic (Eliminates clustering)

I would least likely expect Google to use Quadratic hashing since its great at minimizing clustering. An effect that occurs when too little of a hash table is implemented or it's too populated.

I would assume Google uses a linear probing technique. Am I wrong? Does Google use something different all together?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Yes, I’m a victim of Starbucks, too

After foolishly spending three hundred plus dollars at Starbucks in a little under four months, I’ve come to realize that I’ve fallen for a trick .You could consider me an expert Starbucks consumer, or a play toy that corporate Starbucks loves to manipulate. It wasn’t by any chance that hot water, free, and a teaspoon of coffee grounds, personally estimated at $0.10, would cost me over three hundred dollars in four months.
From speaking to people about their interpretation of Starbucks with an unbiased opinion, I have concluded that a vast majority see Starbucks as a quaint, cheerful, relaxing, and productive place to be. This can be supported by my personal observations. From my time in Starbucks I’ve seen craiglists exchanges, interviews, team soccer jersey designers, chatty unemployed moms, and city council boards, doing what they do best, sitting around and drinking coffee.
Moms with their kids, grandmas that can barely walk, dads after a long day at work, and even Mrs. Zink somehow make it to the counter that serves the majestic fluid. The 2,045 percent marked up fluid that has made Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, a recent addition to the billionaires club. A large regular coffee at Starbucks is truly worth $0.11, but sold at $2.25. Typical items should only be marked up by 300 percent from their true production value.
My experiences interacting with the enabler, covered by a fancy, hard to pronounce, Italian name, barista, are consciously negative, and emotionally neutral. I try not to get angry. Barista means “bartender” in Italian, further hinting to the enabler aspect. As an onlooker to the bashing success of Starbucks, the barista asks the victim if they want a shot added their drink, most often thinking it’s free, the victim says yes, only to discover that their subconscious yes as they were awed by the expensive looking machines that made exotic “slurping” noises, just costs them $0.55. 2 minutes later, the pretend-to-be cheerful barista approaches the counter and exclaims the most often botched attempt at saying my true name as “Gwen”, “Len”, “Ben”, “Ken”, or something “enn”, but regardless, everyone at Starbucks is happy. Except -- only to the experienced, like myself, know of the imminent danger ahead of the too enthusiastic, or too frequent Starbucks enthusiasts.
After not realizing one of the 21st centuries biggest rip offs, victims often find a place to retreat in the friendly environment as they catatonically stare at each other drinking the majestic fluid. It isn’t until 15 minutes later that the victim discovers that the Starbucks environment is annoying them. I personally believe that corporate Starbucks intentionally designs its environment to encourage customers to leave after 15 minutes. I call it the Starbucks “walk-in-walk-out” principle. To satisfy the walk in walk out principle, Starbucks has many subtle tricks. Such as outfitting their lobby with tiny tables with heights that naturally rest above the fold of an arm, so that after 10 minutes the arm falls asleep because it’s on an incline. Basketball players and tall people will most likely not experience this problem. At the Starbucks on Pearl & Fay, they have lined the wall with visually comfortable chairs. Chairs with nice leather and cushioning. However applying the Starbucks “walk-in-walk-out” principle, they intentionally put a hole in the chair where lumbar support in most critical. The longest time I’ve sat on one of the visually comfortable chairs was thirty minutes, Starbucks won. But If it isn’t the, baby crying, or the loud Mary Kay tea party cackles that resonate off of the cheap paintings, it’s the loud and very annoying Beatles music that caps off the happy spirit.
I’ve actually contacted Starbucks through their complaints form regarding the irritating Beatles music that they play louder than a normal conversation. I made sure to write an urgent sounding message with the barista’s names, location, and time so that they felt identified enough to care. The next day the music was a bit softer, but the song Hard Days Night kept jingling my brain to complete stand-still. It was almost as bad as walking into Abercrombie & Fitch with the upbeat catwalk thumping noises. Once again, my visit to Starbucks with Beatles playing, totaled under 45 minutes, Starbucks won.
Starbucks also outfits their lobby with miniature ergonomic looking wood chairs. 4 petite flimsy looking legs extend from the main body of the chair. From my experience with this type of chair, you better have a strong back. Leaning back or forward will give the victim a sense of almost falling. I’ve sat in this chair for at most an hour. Starbucks won.
I’ve noticed that Starbucks also makes the cash register area look pleasing and calm. They populate the area with cool looking mugs, warm colors, colorful light fixtures, Beatles albums, smart water, and cute displays.They want all of their customers to huddle next the cash register as if it were an umbrella and there was a torrential downpour.
When criticized they attribute their visually comfortable, and physically uncomfortable environment to a modern European coffee house, covering up the underlying reason. They want people to stand up and browse their expensive collection of mugs, and free the area for a roomy, more relaxing “walk-in-walk-out” environment.
If the happy chaos doesn't make you feel like family, their rewards program will. Customers that use Starbucks gift cards are eligible to the rewards program. For every purchase Starbucks rewards the victim a star. Victims can go to their rewards accounts online and watch the animation of their stars falling into a cup like the are in Kindergarten. Corporate Starbucks knows that their victims are so stupid that they can only visualize a star and not the number of stars. They don’t want to associate numbers with coffee, likewise numbers representing money spent on coffee. I spent so much money at Starbucks that I’m currently a gold member. The benefits? Free refills on tea and coffee, a free drink every 15 coffees bought, and other perks that they labeled “other promotions” to fill 3 bullet points making the program look better, and satisfying the brochure dimensions required.
After buying $4.60 of majestic fluid the barisita asks if I would like to print out a receipt, and if I reply yes they stare at me as if I’m a big bad tree killer. And humiliate me in front of all the 10 or so trained victims that snarl as I walk away from the line. Everyone is hooked to the live performance as the 2 minutes per drink, 10 person line proceeds cheerfully.
By the way, if your an attractive looking women visit the Starbucks on Fay and Pearl, the barista will most often give you a free drink card. If he asks you a personal question, lie. I witnessed him ask a women about the Maserati that she drove. In casual conversation 2 weeks prior, she told him about her car. Yet somehow after 4 months of my Monday through Friday visits he still didn’t remember my name. Yes it’s the barista that makes chirping noises and throws straws at me.
Luckily my dad rescued me the day that he noticed an accumulated amount of three hundred dollars spent at Starbucks in twenty-five dollar increments. It was his credit card. I’ve argued that my little brother has gotten more than thirty thousand dollars in Tommy John arm surgeries, and that I’ve been cheap, and that I should be relived of having to pay him back. It worked.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Page Rank update [ Tiger Tutorials ]

I just looked into my website pagerank, and it's a 3/10. To say the least, I'm very excited about this and hope this will result in higher natural rankings! Thank You to the people interested in what I have to say about website production and design!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

AP Computer Science Tests - Unfortunately Coming Up!

Stressed and deprived of sleep all my thoughts are devoted to the subject of AP Computer Science. Fighting the urge to deny myself the satisfaction of possibly not having to worry about the test I've always have a differing inner opinion. Knowing that my niche and hobby are computers and computer related topics (programming, troubleshooting, and hardware upgrades) I feel that it is almost a given that I should try to get a "5". Having reviewed the AP Computer Science review book it's becoming very unclear whether my goal is respectively attainable. Obviously having reviewed all the topics that will be covered on the test throughout the year, it is a matter of "studying". Studying as in reviewing almost every topic. Below is a complete list of review topics that I find relevant to at least review:
  • Inheritance
    • Subclasses and super classes (super())
    • UML diagram logical thinking
    • extends and implements commands
    • calling super within a subclass passing parameters
      • Example:  
                public class Dog extends Animal
                     //Initializing Variables
                     private int someVariable;
                     //Mixed super & sub Constructor
                     public Dog(String nameOfDog, int weightOfDog);

                         someVariable = weightOfDog;
  • ArrayLists and arrays
    • How to initialize ArrayLists's and arrays
    • what length() and length()-1 return 
    • How to handle the ArrayList<Integer> type "<something>" and what it does.
  • Random numbers Math.random() and what it returns and how to manipulate it
  • I still do not understand the basics of an enhanced loop, thus review it!
  • Recursion
    • How to efficiently step through recursive problems.
    • How to think of implementing a design for a recursive call
  • Merge, Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Quick sorts and how their formulas are relative to processing time.
  • How to throw catch, and pass exceptions to other classes through methods.
  • Review String methods, Example: 
          String dilemma = "Mary hit Bob!" 
          dilemma.charAt(7) //prints "t"
          dilemma.substring(3,7) //prints "y hi"
  • Demorgans Law and How <=, >=, >, < are converted to each other.
Well that's  all that I can think of at this moment, there is a lot more to study! Sadly my test is on May 3rd at 7:30am in the Library, 6 days from when this blog is being written (4/26/11). Wish me luck!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New LG Optimus V Cell Phone!

So.... Probably one of the better days of my fabulous Spring Break was that I got a new phone!

My old phone was a blue Verizon something or other, it wasn't very good to say the least. My new phone is a go phone (Virgin Mobile), and is very nice. I set it up with the Best Buy sales associate, and she was very helpful. I also made an unboxing video which will be uploaded shortly, once everyone is asleep. The Optimus is Android 2.2 operated; from my impression I prefer Androids systems over the IPhone. The problem with the IPhone is that everyone has it and that it can only be bought under an outrageous contract. If I were to recommend anyone a cell phone this would be it (here is the link: Overall I'm very excited about this and am wanting to see what the result of all these cool applications and mobile features can provide me with.